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Posted on January 7, 2022
Part-Ɵ me

Jeff erson City

Central Missouri Newspapers Inc. is currently seeking a self moƟ vated,
reliable, and detail oriented individual to support CirculaƟ on acƟ viƟ es of
newspapers to our customers and vendors.
This is a part-Ɵ me posiƟ on working 25-30 hours a week.

This posiƟ on will assist our District Manager staff with delivery of newspapers,
This posiƟoonn ww
and training contract carriers. AddiƟ onal responsibiliƟ es would include audiƟ ng
and trainingng ccoo
and maintaining routes to ensure profi tability for both CMNI and contracted
and mainntatainininin
carrrriei rs
To be considered you must have reliable transportaƟ on, proof of insurance, and
Too bbe e coonsnsididere e
a valid driver’s license. Overnight hours with weekend availability are required.
a vavalil d drdrivivere ’s’
This posiƟ on is safety-sensiƟ ve. You must show proof of complete vaccinaƟ on
Thhisis possiƟƟoonn is
(we will consider a request for reasonable accommodaƟ on).
(we e willl ccononsiside

Email resume to, complete an applicaƟ on
Email resume t
at 210 Monroe St, Jeff erson City Mo., or mail your resume to the
at 210 Monro
Jeff erson City News Tribune, PO Box 1605, Jeff erson City, MO 65102
Jeff erson City